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No changes have been made yet. When making a suggestion, please check back here occassionally!

Tone, Theme, and Mood

The tone of the game is dull sorrow, like gray skies in October. It has minor hints from Nordic and Celtic cultures, but don't make it overwhelming or use the mainstream Nordic/Celtic mythology. The target audience is 18+, so you can make your suggestions darker if you like. Use of archaic words are highly recommended in item/creature/monster/location naming, but almost never recommended in dialogue.


To the best of your ability, describe its:

- Appearance
- Attack style (melee, archery, magic)
- Weapons and/or armor
- Item drops

If you can't think of a good name, you can leave that to me. If the name sounds like a generic game monster like "Goblin", I will probably change it.


The sane people aren't lively. They are thinly spread out through the lands due to multiple deadly events, rarely finding more than two or three people in a group. To the best of your ability, describe his or her: 

- Appearance
- Attack style
- If they are a merchant (and what type of items they sell)
- Location
- Personality
- Dialogue

and other small details I may be missing here.


Making use of the tone, theme, and mood at the top, you can do whatever with this one. Use your imagination! I'll let you know what is impossible to add in. Each item can have up to six different abilities (since there are six buttons available in the UI).

Pick the category that best fits your item:

- Consumables (Potions, food, ...)
- Weapons (Staves, swords, shields, ...)
- Armor
- Ammo (arrows, bolts, ...)
- Jewellery (necklaces, rings)
- Resources (iron ore, other crafting materials ...)
- Miscellaneous (everything else)

Game Mechanics

This is the same as "item" suggestions. Anything goes.

I do not need any of the following suggestions:

- Major locations. I have enough of those!