Pilgrimage of Embers

'Pilgrimage Of Embers' is a 2D dark fantasy action role-playing game being developed in C# and MonoGame. The game itself takes bits of inspiration from 'Dark Souls', 'Skyrim' and minor influences from other games like 'Starbound'. The theme will be dark high-fantasy, with hints of Nordic and Celtic cultures.



Occasionally, I write software for my own purposes. If I think others might benefit from it, I'll stick it in this page. Currently, there is only one tool, and that's for time management.

Code Libraries

Particle Engine

Object Serializer


A particle engine developed for C# and MonoGame. Flexible, customizable, and efficient. A download will be made available shortly.


An object serializer coded in C#. Easy setup, quickly add class fields and properties, separate variable output by targets, and add custom serialize and parse types. A download will be made available shortly.