Alpha Release

Welcome! After four years of working on Pilgrimage of Embers (on and off), the alpha is released. I am letting you play the game in all of its flaws, otherwise with my perfectionist nature, I wouldn't be releasing anything. So, let's get Pilgrimage of Embers set up and ready to play! Please read through the requirements below, and the installation instructions.

If you signed up for the alpha years back or are an active Patron, this is the page you want. If you want to learn more about Pilgrimage of Embers, please click here!

One last thing: I'll be doing a follow-up post on the feedback from you, the future of Pilgrimage of Embers, and topics like that. Keep an eye out for it!


Operating System : Windows. I recommend 7 or 10, as I haven't tested on XP, Vista, or 8.
Memory: 2GB.
Storage: Less than 250MB.
GPU: 512MB memory with pixel shader 3.0.
CPU: 2.5GHz.
Software: .NET Framework 4.5.
Internet: Only for updating.

1. These are low to mid-range estimates based on my own computer, so there may be inaccuracy.
2. I have no experience with porting MonoGame programs, so the alpha is a Windows-exclusive. I apologize for any inconvenience. This will change in the future, but it's easier if I don't have to manage three different project platforms right off.
3. If the game crashes on load, make sure you have .NET Framework 4.5. Most gamers should be able to run my game immediately.

Download & Installation


1. Download the game launcher by clicking the button below.
2. Extract the downloaded .zip.
3. Run the game launcher (Launcher.exe) found in the extracted folder. It will check for a new launcher version. I would recommend launching the .exe as administrator.
4. On the next screen, enter your provided username and key.

a. Your username and key are generated manually by me. If I didn't tell you it and should have, let me know.
b. Make sure you aren't making typos in the username or key.
c. If you want a new username or key, contact me for it. Custom keys MUST be unique and never used anywhere else, as I have to enter it in manually.

5. Once the authentication is successful, click the Version Selection button.
6. Select the version you want to play, and click Download. It might look like it's not doing anything, but give it time. The file size is currently less 50MB.
7. Once downloaded, press Return and then Play.
8. If the game starts, it worked!

If the game doesn't launch or you have any other problems, please contact me.

Note: There is a text file called License.txt found in the same folder as the Launcher's .exe. By using these softwares, you agree to it automatically.


The basics controls are shown in-game. For more detailed control, you'll find them in the Options UI, under the Controls tab. Some features are left in-game, but have partial functionality. This is primarily just the Dodge key (Alt), which doesn't really have a purpose or animation. I won't list the others.

Move. W, A, S, D keys.
Interact. E key. Interacting with the game world.
Use Quickslot. Q key. Using the selected quickslot item.
Quickslots. 0-9 keys.
Scroll Quickslots. Mouse wheel. Selecting the quickslot item.
Scroll Quickslot Button. Left control + Mouse wheel. Selecting what button is used for the selected quickslot.
Sprint. Left shift. Keep in mind sprinting in heavy armor is slower and drains stamina faster.
Sneak. Left control. Currently has no use.
Jump. Spacebar. Jump over obstacles.
Roll. Left alt. Currently has no use.

Type/Send Message. Enter key.
Swap Active Weapon. Z key. If you have a two-handed weapon in one hand, and any other weapon offhand, this swaps between which is used.
Swap Primary Weapon. F key. Cycle through equipped primary weapons.
Swap Offhand Weapon. Caps lock key. Cycles through equipped offhand weapons.
Swap Ammo. R key. Cycles through equipped ammo.

Open Inventory. Tab key.
Open Rumors. B key.
Open Stats. Comma key.
Open Settings. Period key.
Pause. P key.

What's Left?


Once you play the game, you'll see a lot of places where improvements are needed. Post-alpha, I'll gradually update the game with new and exciting content. In this section, I'll go over a lot of the interesting ideas I've had for future releases of Pilgrimage of Embers. Some of these may evolve over time.

Weather System. I will replace the 1D horizontal wind with a 2D environmental grid map. This allows for obstacles that the wind is forced to go around, rain and other weather that can't fall on specific tiles, and most importantly objects and entities that produce wind (heh). It should also boost performance moderately.
Flammable Objects. Objects that catch on fire, like flowers, trees, barrels. This will be awesome with the improved wind.
Main Menu. I'll get rid of the old map-based main menu, replacing it with something that resembles how the launcher is set up.
UIs. The UI textures will be completely redone, hopefully using the UI engine I started last year. I'll reintroduce the Flames UI and game mechanism, add an Item Holding UI for use with game objects (think "place specific item, opens door"), add an Item Conversion UI, which will be for map makers to add simple crafting and resource gathering, make the Offerings UI into "Memorial of Offerings", and lastly if I ever add an online mode, an "Exchange" UI for trading with other players.
Flame Monuments. I'll make the starting area a "hub", and the monument's UIs will be set up as interactable objects. Think Demon Souls.
GameObject. I'll move up a few features that is entity-exclusive to the GameObject. Specifically, I'll shift control from BaseEntity to GameObject. This will let the player control any object instead of just any entity.
Mounting. GameObjects will be mountable by other GameObjects. With this, horses, carts, and row boats become possible.
Resource Collecting. You'll be able to mine for ores and stones, cut down trees, probably fish, etc. For now, you're stuck with picking flowers and smooshing butterflies. I will also make it so any entity's quickslot item appears in-game.
Lighting. I hope to add dynamic lighting, and maybe even normal maps.
Skill-related. This would be things like swimming, climbing, sneaking.
Combat. I wanted to make combat complex, not fast-paced easy-killing typically found in this game style. Unfortunately, the complexity is its demise, so I need to figure out what to do with it. I want a magic-like system, but not call it magic. I don't want to further endorse that, and everyone does magic for RPGs. Finally, I will work on better archery weapons, like throwing axes and flasks.
Creature Variety. Expect plenty of creatures, passive and aggressive. The human sprite will eventually have color added.
Maps. Eventually, I will replace the current map (Temple Grounds) with a new map which has much better level design and tileset. This new map will be called The Sanctuary of Embers, a cloudy, ash-covered place with a ruined stone temple.
Code Cleanliness. This is more for my own sanity. I'll drastically improve how my code is ordered, and merge MainContent assets with MapContent assets (no real reason for them to be separate).